Can I create Mulltipple accounts and/or sell addmefast points/accounts?




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    Hi Addmefast Team,

    I can't find anyone email or contact point to reach out to you, I can't open my addmefast account, that's no contents at all. it's all white pages. nothing at all. thank you

    Please do check my account. i am here to waiting for your reply. 




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    Roni Poisanov

    Hey Hsmtm me for no reason.
    The only reason I can not register my profile will follow and it seems to me that I have a problem Facebook account. And you have to take care of it.
    Please return it to me I'm not a bot i'm human!

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    My Account banned , i realized for the "You must not create multiple accounts".I have a home router is wi-fi and my sister uses it and got second account.

    Write to me please that  would solve the problem.

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    Suzev A

    My account have been banned, idk why? i had no reason for ban, pls reset problem with my account. Thanks! pls answer me -

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    Good afternoon, unblock please my account, the second ( it was created incidentally as there were some malfunctions with a set of points (they didn't come) plz

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    Feb 20, 11:22

    Good day, why I blocked the account for the fact that using different accounts? I live in hochtele, and many use kompyuter.Kak remove the ban from my Account?

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    Good morning , I want you He wanted me zdieli account lockout because I did not use nieczego not permitted and got blockade for nothing

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    Hello Addfast Team, 
    I say in advance that I can not write in English , because I come from Polish . Recently, my account has been blocked , the reason is probably the Multi account , this is true of my ip are registered two accounts , but one of them belongs to my brother. We would ask for unbans these accounts . and if you can not unlock 2 accounts , only one Thank you and best regards.

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