How to do if I receiving error during like/follow and etc process, or when trying to add link on addmefast?




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    nedres cakoli

    Can someone reply to me as im waiting 2 weeks for an answer from you guys ???

    Is the support service still working or not ?

    I have submitted 3 times a request and didnt get a response from no one at all !?!? 

    Can someone reply to me please thanks 

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    • The Facebook page you are trying to add does not exist or it is geographically, demographically or age restricted.

    i am Not Restricted my page

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    Kostynel Bota

    I have a request sent too. No answer.

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    Elkatosa Alex

    hi Team

    Has been blocked fallopian YouTube address of the site

    Please help . . Thank you very respect and appreciation
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    Harut Harutyunyan 2014

    after removing the page again, I can not add to addmefast ->

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    Timur Hoku

    I can not add my profile for "facebook followers", it just says: 

    • Facebook username does not exists, please enter valid username or id



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    My instragram account is public. When i was tring to add link on addmefast, i received an error message, i have to enter a good url, but it's not the first time that i do that, and i never had a problem. Also, after this message appear, the Type: Instagram likes but the Page URL was changing : Enter your Facebook Page url.

    So it isn't consistent.

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    I have same problem

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