Why I have been blocked after using bot or macro on addmefast?




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    Bonjours, je viens d'être bloqué & je ne sais pas vraiment pourquoi, j'ai peut être trop utilisé ce site en un temps restreint.

    Je ne pensais vraiment pas être banni pour cela, si j'aurais sût que je serais bloqué à force je ne l'aurais jamais fais.  

    C'est pourquoi je vous demande s'il est possible de débloquer mon compte car je l'ai seulement depuis hier et ça serais dommage que je ne puisse pas le récupéré.

    Merci de votre compréhension.


    Bonjours, I have been blocked and I do not really know why, I have can be too much used this site at a time restricted.

    I did not think of being really banished for it, if I would have known that I would be blocked in strength I would never have him make. 

    That is why I ask you if it is possible to free my account because I have him only since yesterday and would be that it's a pity that I cannot the collected.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    Good evening, I have a question ..

    Could you help me?

    The site is saying that the link of my page is already being used , and I did not authorize anyone to put the link on my page here , now I can not use the link from my own page, the page is mine and I can prove could help me ?

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    Please unblock my account. The website stopped opening and I switched to another provider. At the same time not used

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    Please unblock me... Now i will not unfollow anyone...
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    Please unblock me !! there's nothing wrong with my link: https://www.instagram.com/_felipense/


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    andrean yehezkiel

    Hi, my account had been banned but I didn't use any bots or something.

    my account : andreanyehezkielbmu@yahoo.com

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    Hello all to those who had been blocked, just ditch your account and use this link to increased like on your page. http://www.like4like.org/?ref=beastmodextreme copy it onto a new tab and register new. This is more secure and the admin is more sensible. The addmefast team just dont care about our account being blocked. My account had been blocked for months and nothing had been done by their team. 

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    Why blocked my account? None of your conditions I'm not broken. If only because of the captcha. The captcha is very difficult. Often have to guess the correct location of the photos. And from tasks I performed only wiews. No other programs I never used. Yes, I created 2 account, but that I did not use and forgot to delete. I learned about it a day lock on my main account. Big request delete account sentretnm@gmail.com and unblock NikitaFUN97@yandex.ru. I hope that You uslyshite about my request.

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    Huy Dinh
    Hi I need Please help with my addmefast account I can no longer instagram account unlock please help me
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    antonio david domingues neto

    Ola a minha conta foi bloqueada não sei o motivo pelo que vi não violei os termos,

    ontem instalei uns programas aqui veio com virus peço descupas se infringir os termos

    peço por favor preciso da minha conta de volta, ganhei muitos pontos suados vou precisar deles

    agradeço a todos!!!

    isso não irá se repetir

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    Unblock me plz :(

    I never use robot for more likes :(


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    مرحبا شركة Add Me Fast انا لم اقم بفعل اي شئ لاكن تم حظر رابط الانستقرام الخاص بي ارجو إعادة فتحه


    وشكرا لتفهمكم 

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    Hello please unlock my account i doing nothing no hacks and no bot and addmefast banned me please unban my accout patajona@seznam.cz thank you :)

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    Sebastian Rojas

    Una de mis cuentas fue bloqueada, no se por que razón, todo iba bien siempre respetando las reglas y normas y de un dia para otro mi cuenta fue bloqueada, por favor ayudemen, necesito mucho mi cuenta de nuevo, no se por que haya ocurrido esto pero ayudemen  :(

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    Grigor Chibukhchyan

    Unblock me plz :)  grigchibukh@mail.ru

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    hi guys! please unblock my account. i'm not a robot. arinadiz88@gmail.com

    thanks a lot

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    The admin just doesn't give us some respect. He just loves to block your account for fun. That is why you should join here. This should be better than addmefast.



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    please, unbanned my acc of instagram , i don't use macro 

    my link instagram = https://www.instagram.com/gabrielrootsofc/

    or my old link = https://www.instagram.com/gabrielsouzaroots/

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    alan derreumaux

    Bonjour j ai non amie Qui UTILISER addmefast verser sa chaine youtube et Qui a non fissure UTILISER versez Avoir des points et je me suis fait Bannier commenter je en peux faire verser reparer this erreur de blocage

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    Why I have been blocked? account - luis.figueiras121@hotmail.com

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    doan the an

    I am banned and i think it was by mistake ,, and i need to resolve this problem so what can i do that?, I've register some days ago and somehow click to the something that violation to your term. Please review my case and unblock my account

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    My account has been blocked for violation of our terms. It is a mistake . please help me.
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    Good afternoon, free points aren't gathered why? Created already other account on other mail but didn't help? what to do? pretech96@gmail.com

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    Ashish daryani

    plz unblock my account :(

    of instagram my account is - "mack_789j"

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    Please unblock me !! there's nothing wrong with my link: https://www.instagram.com/_felipense/


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    A Br

    Hi there, very long time user here and i tried to log in today and it come up as just a blank screen, im guessing i may have been blocked? not sure why regular T&C abider/user here. Would like it to be lifted asap if possible. thanks. 

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    také zablokován :(

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    This site isn't going to be around much longer with the idiotic ways they are managing it and their users.

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    Macy Pine

    Please unblock my account , i read your terms,it is my mistake , i'm so sorry , i promise never do that again. My account hoangmaynguyen@gmail.com

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