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What is AddMefast?

- AddMeFast is a network that will help you grow your social presence. We allow you to look and choose who you want to like/subscribe/follow/view and skip those who you are not interested in.
- Easy registration, 50 points at start and 500 daily bonus points for active users.
- AddMeFast doesn't sell likes/subscribes/followers/views/hits. We will never request for usernames or passwords of your social network accounts and will never post, tweet or update status from your accounts.


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Support AddMeFast March 1, 2015 FAQ / FAQ

Frankly speaking, there  are several problems regarding YouTube View section. For example, people view your video but YouTube does not count it , or counts but with a little bit delay. We are trying to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

Support AddMeFast March 1, 2015 12 FAQ / FAQ

We can ensure you that it's impossible to lose points on Addmefast. Please check and you will see that the points are spent on your active campaigns only.

Support AddMeFast March 1, 2015 35 FAQ / FAQ

We cannot say anything certain about the quantity and the speed of likes you can receive . It depends on many things: CPC you are choosing, the traffic of the site at that moment and etc. The higher you make CPC the faster you receive likes.

Support AddMeFast March 1, 2015 329 FAQ / FAQ

You have used bots/macros  which are strictly forbidden on Addmefast. You should have  read our TOS carefully. We do not allow any automate systems to get free points.

Support AddMeFast March 1, 2015 8 FAQ / FAQ

It's because of high traffic on the site. For that moment  there are no active links  for you to like / follow. and etc. You need to refresh the page again after few minutes.