Why I'm losing likes/followers and etc.?




  • irs7t

    hi, help my plz. need help in removing Twitter Account of base addmyfast 193276072

  • Y Asser16 08

    Really problem is that your services is not really safe, happens that you do not have control over real likes etc, because through you we receive false likes too etc.

    For this reason Facebook and other social networks, remove some followers, likes, etc, because they are false

  • Louizsei

    I think the problem lies in your system also. You should control facebook likes corner, if people already liked that page, it shouldn't appear again for them to like it cuz possibility would be they will like then unlike so they will get points again from it. Seriously I was planning to buy more points but this decreasing likes is so scary, from 700- 300 not sure if it will decrease more. Seriously please fix this.

  • TL

    This is absolute B.S.  I just spent two day accumulating many points to get likes...and....today over half of the likes are gone!!! 

    You say you don't have control over users...well, you should build a better software where you can control this. If users unlike a page within a specific time frame, automatically revoke their points. 

    Getting 200 bonus points, (which btw aren't bonus because I have spent time clicking through a certain amount of actions, before getting those "bonus" points) doesn't do me any good because I've wasted valuable time.

    Nothing compares to time because you can't buy it.  

    You need to fix this flaw in your system.  Until then, I would never spend money for your points.  

  • Ashly Thorn

    Facebook sucks.  They don't even let people view your posts unless you buy into their ads.  Someone who knows about laws should really look into this practice.  They are even charging people who just have non profit pages. 

  • mitesh

    i am not received any bonus points as a compensation as loss of likes

  • mitesh

    daily i am loosing 100 likes

  • Stuart R

    Does anyone have the same problem when gaining subs on AMF, YouTube removes them all and your back to where you started before you put them on AMF??

  • Qassem Tnt

    yes i have same problem in youtube the remove it all

  • Dimitri Itri

    I am loosing likes, day by day . Its really embarrassing. I am so disappointed, because of this .

  • Dimitri Itri

    from yesterday I lost 300 likes

  • Hamas khan
    It s same for me w t f don t trust in ad me fast is don t work and don t lose your money for nothing 90 % of your like - follower - or view are lost so don t waist your time on this f site
  • Tech Sports



  • Shahidqamar001

    After losing 500 subscribers on each two previous day i made 5000 point all day so that i can get subscribers today after getting 1k Subscribers all my fucking sucribers are gone and i dont have any subscribers except my own Where the have all 500 gone ADDMEFAST really sucks you spend your time to get points and at end you lose subscribers and and all your effort goes to waste Fuck


  • Shahidqamar001

    if yougive daily bonus that is 300 i have lost 7*500=3500 i that daily bonus enough


  • Randy

    This makes the entire process of AddMeFast completely redundant. Every time I spend points for subs, all the subs I get just unsubscribe hours later. Putting me back at square one.

    Making this an infinite loop of gaining nothing but giving you traffic.

  • Sanea 2011

    Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID already exists." 
    why i can't add fb account " please help me i realy love addmefast <3 
    >> Please Write the Answer <<


  • Hamid

    on my 5 fb pages i am making likes from add me fast daily 50 each but next day likes drop down like 80 or 100!! how to fix this issue? one of my page i made 500 likes in 7 days working on add me fast but now its showing 207 likes on that page!! 

  • Hamid

    on my 5 fb pages i am making likes from add me fast daily 50 each but next day likes drop down like 80 or 100!! how to fix this issue? one of my page i made 500 likes in 7 days working on add me fast but now its showing 207 likes on that page!! 

  • Jiminy Cricket

    Hi, I also lost 200 likes in less than two days and you guys say you give daily bonus points, in what form?

  • Nazmul Hyder Khan

    1st day I gain huge FB Page Likes and the 2nd day it reduced drastically....if this goes on people will lose interest. Admin should develop such a system where activities can be recorded, tracked and monitored. I love this promramg and I don't want to leave but if the outcome is little higher than zero it would be painful for users. Thanks

  • eric

    i lose 200 subs on youtube, and i don't have points for that. i'm always trying to get free points and more, but why?, because in 2 or 3 hours you lose your followers.

  • davidfrank

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  • Tommy

    246 come guadagnato in un giorno e 246 perso solo il giorno successivo. È chiaro che non è una tua responsabilità, ma se non fai qualcosa, è solo tempo perso.

    Ad oggi è inutile cercare di guadagnare punti e, peggio, è per quelli che li comprano senza sapere che buttano via soldi. Hai il dovere di avvertire queste persone o di spostarti in un modo diverso. In soli tre giorni ho guadagnato e perso oltre 350 come su Facebook.


  • Sabrinelazaro

    I worked a lot to gain free points and spend them in subs and views and likes... and I lose all in the same day... hours after! What a hell??? What do you do to prevent this????

  • yazan


  • Edwardtay35

    Are you kidding me? I watched youtube videos, liking people's youtube videos just for subscribers. I used to have 125 subs. Now I have 85 subs! This is not fair and not good to the community. 


    You say you can't control losing likes, views, and followers, but that is not true.

    Couldn't you just upgrade your software so that anytime someone unsubs, I regain the points taken away or put a disclamer saying If you subscribed and our system detects that you unsubbed, your points will be taken away and the person would get a refund on their points.


    Fix the flaw system. It's really anoying.

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