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Why I'm losing likes/followers and etc.?



  • Shoty

    Addmefast bann theyr Users if they reach big amount of Coins, so its normaly u r getting Dislikes and unfollows after, just rate this services

  • Emiliano Gonzales

    My Subscribers already 118 but in few minutes my my subscribers down to 91 and still going down the numbers. Its not good. All FAKES

  • Emiliano Gonzales

    Admin, you need to include youtube subscription then view ads of the channel owner before getting points to avoid spam detection from Youtube.


    Please do it this, all spending points on youtube subscription are useless becaouse youtube remove all new subscription


    Thank you

  • Emiliano Gonzales

    Hi Admin,

    Please add more time, like 3 minutes before anyone can get credit points for youtube subscription, to avoid spam on youtube and avoid losing subscribers. 

    I lose to much subscribers

  • Robert Navarro

    I spent almost 24 hours watching videos, then when I used my points to get subscriptions (about 100). When the campaign was concluded I had only gained 45 subs and by the next morning I only had 3 subs. THREE ⚟! that's BS your userbase will continue to act maliciously until you start penalizing people for unsubscribing. I'm so glad that I didn't spend any money on you and that the time I wasted on you was not detracting from my works attention any business that delivers only 3% of what is promised really needs to go away.

    P.S. I feel sorry for all those people wasting real money on your service, I honestly hope that those announcements are preprogrammed fake BS, like everything else on your website :[

  • Wolfox79
    • You must not unfollow then follow, unlike then like, unsubscribe then subscribe, unpin then repin other's account, pages, groups, pins and etc.

    Today I noticed that my Account was Banned, no notification, no email NADA!!

    Looks like the reason might be the one on top, but then THIS IS A TRAP addmefast is setting to the users!!!!!! THIS IS A UNFAIR MOVE!!

    When you put yourself to Like Instagram posts and Facebook post, to AVOID PEOPLE GETTING BANNED they should not show again Post that I already put a LIKE, it is confusing and who pays for the error? the USER!!!!

    This was really a BAD move from this site a bad TRICK!! 

    Now let's see if they will answer to the email I sent because I don't know why I was BANNED!


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