Instagram photo problem.




  • Evanesceonline

    It worked for a while then i cant no longer add instagram likes. same error:

    • Please enter valid instagram photo url

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  • Predicaconelejemplo
    To my not let me include instagram photo link , and the account is not private . He tells me that the url is invalid
  • Jay

    When trying to add a link for Instagram likes, it doesnt always work! It says ''Please enter valid instagram photo url'' when it is a valid url and my account isnt private?

  • Youssef azaou

    My profile is public but is till can't add photo url. it says invalid instagram  photo url .

  • BB

    please enter vaild instagram photo url



    i have the same problem, whats happening????????????

  • Ecoenergycy

    i have the same problem, while i am trying to add a url on instagram

    • Please enter valid instagram photo url
  • tebriz novruzov

    unlock this account address

  • GettingLikesonInsta

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  • Jamaal Patel

    I think this may be a recent issue cause I have never had this issue until a few days ago

  • Jay
    • Please enter valid instagram photo url 

    this keeps coming up everytime i try to add a url, account isn't private either.

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  • Dineshshanz

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  • Vasilina
    Can't add this url! Help please

  • Marsha Helmick


  • davidfrank

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  • Dineshshanz

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  • krunkkun

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  • Dineshshanz

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  • Edward C. Waugh

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  • Aitor Carroza Real

  • sudharsan

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  • Florence Pacheco

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  • Evasharmahappy

    please erase

  • Dineshshanz

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  • ivox

    Please make notification about

  • BB

    please enter vaild instagram photo url



    i still have the same problem, can u please help me....

  • jay calavera

    the account is not private , He tells me that the url is invalid ! plz help



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