Why my account was blocked on addmefast when I have used Proxy/VPN?




  • Javed

    Please Unlock My Block Account


  • RiverGuns

    Please unblock my Account Please

  • RiverGuns

    My account is midpla@seznam.cz


  • RiverGuns

    or at least top Delete the

  • Juliessilver

    Please unblock my Account Please

  • ali ak

    hello ive got blocked for macros because i was clicking fast (and sometimes auto-open proxy :/ ) :/ . can u please unban me (lackitr7@gmail.com)

  • Fillow

    Can AddMeFast re-activate my account ( it's my only one ) ? I was clicking fast on websites...Actually,I never thought that I can get forever banned for that thing. I'm sorry



  • Senbengrr
    • Oops! The FB page with the same FB ID already exists hatası alıyorum lütfen yardım edin.
  • yuri gagarin

    please unblock my url on youtube

  • automaticlikes

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  • serjo_206

    Please Unlock My Block Account serjo_206@mail.ru

    I think it was by mistake.

    I your terms once again.

  • yogie saputra

    plase back account me,,

    EMail account addmefast saya > saputrayogie2@gmail.com

    Account me hit  Blockedd

  • areeb shahzad

    plz un block my account i didnt knew that it will be blocked if i will use vpn. i will never use now i m so sorry and plz un block my account thanks.

  • Maksim B

    My account was blocked, this is a mistake, I want to ask you to unblock my account (makc-90_90@bk.ru), because I don't want to make points by hands, now I want to buy points from you permanently, spending near 200$ per month.
    I'm really waiting for you decision! Thank you!

  • Ameen

    my intagram account has been blocked because I made it on private ..... Why ?  please unblock my account  https://instagram.com/ameen.almarzoqi/

  • Serdarkaradenizz

    very problem vpn proxy noo very banned problem serdarkaradenizz@hotmail.com

  • Toplider77

    Hello. I was surprised to find that my account has been blocked. I did absolutely nothing wrong, I went and watched the video from Youtube to earn Points to advertise your site, which is currently under development. I use a wireless Internet connection, as I live out of town, and I do not have a permanent IP address, my ISP gives me a different address on your own. I hope that this misunderstanding will be resolved as quickly as possible, because I was planning on a long term basis to collaborate with your site, and recommend it to friends.
    With respect and best wishes, Vladimir Starov

  • Ramessesowes8
    Everybody this site could be WAY better than Addmefast. It's almost the same as Addmefast, but like I said, this site could be way better than Addmefast. Join Here Everybody! ->>> http://goo.gl/vgTsrX
  • Ariefwicaksono129
    • If we disable your account, you must not create another one.
    • but i still want use same account
    • i dont know cannot use same url...
    • i feel so sory
    • please active my account back 
    • i never use same account
    • i will use this email only
    • ariefwicaksono129@gmail.com
  • Enes Okyay

    Please unlock accont enesfoot2@gmail.com  lütfen açın 

  • Enes Okyay

    My accont unlock pleasee enesfoot2@gmail.com

  • iammai

    unblock my Account Please

  • Daniele
    I was wrong....Please unblock my Account Please
  • Daniele

    halp meeeee....Please unblock my Account Please

  • kthone

    1. More than 40 users unsubscibe me after subscribed. Could I retrieve my points?

    2. I'm only change my browser but 1 browser using proxy (I don't know that thing), please unblock my acc!

  • kthone

    Fuck you, addmeefast!

  • Capela1

    I don't know what was happen i account was blocked, i just press skip, i believe i did not make nothing wrong, could you please could reactivate my account?

    Best Capela

  • Ramessesowes8

    Like I said, the admin just doesn't care if he's going to unblock your account. He just likes to block other accounts. That is why u should join this site. This site could be way better than Addmefast. Try it here! ->>> http://goo.gl/xuE5gj

  • Aryan

    Please unblock my account...!!

  • Faust Art

    Please Unlock My Account  Faust_art@mail.ru
    I didn't  use any bot and didn't use proxy, I used one computer every day, 
    accumulated points and was doing daily 50 tasks for bonus 

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