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Why my account was blocked on addmefast when I have used Proxy/VPN?



  • Kaanturker67

    Why my account banned? It was a mistake. I don't used bots/macros, i don't even know what is bots/macros... I am a regular user, you made it wrong :) I want my account back!

  • Ujlabo

    vui long bỏ chặn url tài khoản của tôi

  • Kareemtawfik

    plz un Block my account I didn't know it would be blocked if I was going to use a VPN. I will not use it now I am very sorry and plz stop my account thanks.

  • Pavel

    My accont unlock pleasee

  • Stepan Kozarev

    Please unlock my account. I did not break your rules. just forgot the password. 

  • Evgenia Bleeker

    Can AddMeFast reactivate my account (it is my only)?

    In fact, I never thought I'd be banned forever. I'm sorry

    The last time I couldn’t log in because I forgot my password.

  • irfan

    Please Unlock My Account
    I didn't  use any bot and didn't use proxy, I used one computer every day, 
    accumulated points and was doing daily 50 tasks for bonus 

  • Johnareola98

    My addmefast account was blocked without committing any offence and I didn't violate any if the TOS. Please help me unblock my account.

  • Grauer


    Hello Addmefast Team

       My account was banned not long ago, for reasons I don't know why. I read and re-read the terms & agreements, but still can't find why I was banned.


    My email is

  • Jinkosolar9

    plase unlock

  • eve konga

    I want to report someone who is selling followers on Addmefast. 
    He contacted with me at facebook, told me he is working in marketing and could sell me real followers as packs. I trusted him and buyed for 50€ 20k followers (he didnt gave to me.)

    Then after awhile, he told me he will tell me HOW he is doing this, if I pay 10€ for it. So I did. 
    He sent me the Addmefast Link and told me to create an account there, as it was a recommendation link. 

    Now the thing is, he is a scammer, he asks for an amount of money and will only provide less than a 10% of the followers he said he will, as he will get free points on addmefast and link it to my account. 

    Researching a bit here I noticed it is against the rules to do this (selling add me fast followers). I would like to provide his name, as he scammed me, to report him and stop his scams. I had no idea before he told me that he was using this site. 

    I have all the screenshots to show this is true, also got his name and his bank number. If it helps. He is using my instagram link at this profile here. btw  he got multiple accounts. 

  • Badredoco3

    Can AddMeFast re-activate my account ( it's my only one ) ? I was clicking fast on websites

    Actually,I never thought that I can get forever banned for that thing.

    I'm sorry

    email :

  • Somlith

    Now  I Understand That

    Your addmefast Website Is No good 

    Now I No Need To Earn Money With Your website good bye

  • Hatemezel10

    لقد كان انتهاكي للخصوصية الموقع عن طريق الخطاء ...ارجو منكم مراعاة هاذا الامر و اعادة تفعيل حسابي

  • Ceejhei013

    The admins here in
    Aren't fixing any problem and not committed to their duty. They have no proper response either. They just mark the issue as solved without fixing the problem. Also I believe this is a scam for intellectual properties. Also the website:  is like a sinking boat, though they still generate lots of money. Poorly educated people do stupid decision like buying points. 

  • Hamidmog2017

    Veuillez déverrouiller mon compte de blocage. Je pense que c'était par erreur.

    Plusieurs Fois je ne reçois pas mes points malgrès que  j'éfféctue les taches correctement.

  • yesudasan
     Why my account was blocked on addmefast when I have used two activity sametime 
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