Why I'm getting likes/followers and etc. slowly?




  • Aryan

    In my case am not at all getting likes for my link please check the link below and try to solve this issue ASAP....!! 


  • Vakula Nazar

    I can not spend my points on Facebok likes. I have 3500 points, the page is active, CPC is 8, but my points don't decrease. What can be the reason?

  • Liumey8

    why so slowly ??? please help

  • sec

    hi i put 10 CPC for my page and still no likes


    kindly help

  • sec

    Kindly check it , it does stop when i put 9 CPC ?




  • Harut

    Hey what is going on? I set 9 CPC and this is already 3-rd day - I got only 2 likes....
    So what is going on maybe there is some problem in your system???
    Please feedback... Here is the page https://www.facebook.com/mmathings/

  • baronlen

    Within anything from hours to 3 days, though, certain staple playstyles and techniques emerge for fifa 17 points, and they are analysed, shared and emulated

  • baronlen

    Within anything from hours to 3 days, though, certain staple playstyles and techniques emerge for fifa 17 points, and they are analysed, shared and emulated.

  • Jordi2000

    Hey what is going on? I set 10 CPC and this is already 20-rd day - I got only 3 followers.... 
    if I can't spend points... why i should buy points??? 
    So what is going on maybe there is some problem in your system???

  • Madalin

    Yes, things are going slowly for me too, with the highest CPC. Please fix this, I need likes asap

  • Alex Ionut

    I have this problem too. I set up to 10 CPC but no likes in 3 days...

  • Michael Thomas

    Hi I'm having the same issue CPC set to 10 on all projects but likes coming through 1 -  5 every 24 hours please speed back up thank you 👌

  • Olagoke

    Please I am experiencing the same problem! Set my CPC to 9 yet no Likes, what's wrong???https://www.facebook.com/yogatees1/

  • Mouloudbouzghbat

    I now have 4373 points, but I do not get clicks please help me .


  • Onlinetutoreye

    I have the same issues which earlier people says not getting likes on my facebook page

  • Jay

    Set my CPC to 9 points but nothing is happening. Can you fix please?

  • vintage models

    set my CPC to 10 - 2 days ago, nothing happen. Now is paying 7 or 8 and mine is set up at 9 or 10 . super slowly. would you please fix it? thank you.

  • Nemnem crotte

    I don't have any likes for 10CPC in 2days for a instagram photo ! The link is correct !
    I think it's a problem when a user click on instagram like add me fast tell "oops wait more time" but all peaople wait more than 10sec !
    Correct this problem quickly pls !!!

  • Yousfi Oussama

    Instagram like are not working since hours ...trying to add a link & tells the link is wrong & when it works i don't get any likes even with 10cpc! also liking other people's Instagram picture doesn't give any points ! its totally broken at the moment

  • Vhanny

    INSTAGRAM LIKES is broken at the moment. Please fix this ASAP. I have set the CPC to 10 and still no getting likes at all. 

  • Jay

    Please fix Asap. Getting no likes for instagram and my CPC is at 10.

  • Yousfi Oussama

    They are saying its solved But nope its not ...still not getting any likes for ig pictures.

  • Scherngy

    youtube and instagram are not working, !! its like 5-9 subs/follow a day, and i have cpc on 10! 

    i have 5000 cpc and it go's super slow ?

  • Vhanny

    I can get points from liking other people's instagram photos.

    But with CPC 10, I am not getting any likes at all.Please fix this. 

  • kashmegs

    please i have 1426 point since 2day now, CPC set to 10 yet no single likes. What do i do next

  • tebriz novruzov

    unlock this account address https://www.instagram.com/nadir_ismayilov_1997/

  • Rojroj051

    I can't add my Facebook page please what can i do ??
    How can i solve this problem??!

  • Florence Pacheco

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  • LBosch

    I think that addmefast has a problem due to a simple mathematical and trade rule.

    In general, if the mean number of points I get to vote is equal to the one I spend when I get voted, the system is stable and the CPC can fluctuate depending on the social network but remains inside the limits imposed by the site (from 1 to 10).
    But here you can also buy a large amount of points (which is the scope of addmefast - selling points).
    Sold points are votes which are given to someone but are not counter- balanced.

    So, after some time, people start accumulating points and cannot spend them, because there's nobody who votes for them. The value of points decreases and people increase their CPC to be voted again.

    The situation fall to the limit when everyone put 10 in its CPC but is not voted anyway. At this moment the situation collapses and the site stops working.
    It looks like we are approaching to this situation, at least for most popular social networks.

  • samrockzero

    kindly check my link its to very slow 2 shares for 3 days



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