Why I'm getting likes/followers and etc. slowly?




  • Fatheredcleric

    Me too, I have the same problem with youtube subscribers, I set to 10 CPC but I get no clicks. I change website with youlikehit

  • Md Bulbul Ahmed

    I set 10 CPC and this is already 10 or more day day, I got only 1 like on my 2 link.... 
    what is going on? is there any problem? please solve as soon as possible. Thanks.

  • Igor

    Hello, I'm AddMeFast user for 5 years and I didn't have any problem until now.

    I have around 40k points on my account currently. 10 days ago I set 10 CPC for Facebook Page likes, Youtube subscribers and Instagram followers, but I got just 0 FB likes, 6 YT subs and 10 Instagram followers for those 10 days.

    Please help me solve this problem. Thanks.

  • karlos

    In my case am not at all getting likes for any of my link please check the link below and try to solve this issue ASAP....!! plssss





  • Mario Antelmi

    Hi, I'm not getting any like on FB page in days, even with CPC set to 10. Please help! (My account email is the same I'm using). Mario Antelmi

  • Listtsil

    10CPC ,2 likes for one week .Support will answer you using auto respond like: "You should be daily active user of our website for getting likes/followers, you should log in every day."
    But it is impossible to be an not-active user and at the same time have thousands of points on the account, as I have and many who write here. Therefore, support is mistaken and does not want to fix it. Also, I have paid  points and I  can not use them too.

  • Fadrian Aditya Prawiratama

    Please Help !

    I'm an AddMeFast user for about 3 years. It's working smoothly before even when i give 2 - 5 CPC, but now I can't get any likes / followers / viewers etc. 

    I've tried in some different social media and still not working.

    Please help us. AddMeFast is a great website I think, so why this problem happened for long time.

  • GettingLikesonInsta

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  • darko

    I set a my facebook page , I have a 1164 points , and I set a CPC to 10 ... 3 days and nothing hapends ! Why ? Where is a problem ... my mail is medinobend@gmail.com and my facebook page is MedinoBend.


  • Listtsil

    This is a horrible service. Earlier the addmefast was better. Now you can have 10K points and can not use them. You can buy points and again you can not spend them. Will write to support and no one will answer you.

  • satish

    Hi, I'm not getting any like on FB page in days, even with CPC set to 10. Please help! 

  • davidfrank

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  • davidfrank

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  • Ferhad Ovic

    Can you help me ? I can not sing up that website because recaptcha is not working. When you fix that problem or issues please contact me thank you very much /// ramizdayiniz@yahoo.com


  • Auliya


  • Ilyas baginda

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  • Ilyas baginda

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