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Why I'm losing points on addmefast?



  • Ravebuddha04

    You all are wasting your time here. I've spent much time using this service to know that I have lost every engagement from followers, likes, subscribes and whatever service they have provided. It is not guaranteed here. There are better services out there, but they too do not guarantee anything. My suggestion is not to spend money on this service. Unless you expect to lose everything you paid for down the road.

  • Denniel Senpai

    This is the software that giving you an artificial subsribers on youtube. Then after you get to your goal of subscribers, you will just say ---- Yeeess Finaallly!!!. Then at the end of the day, all your hardwork to earn points and sub will just gone.

    On my almost 500 clicks and rank as #34, I earned 750 points as a daily rewar. Then what is the point of earning a points if afterall you loose a hundred of subs. Maybe this story is what we called "bootlooping scam". Earning then loosing then after a day you will gain a daily rewards then on the another day you can use that reward and earn again, then it will repeat again -Loosing.

    Bootlooping scam. I was planning to sign a membership. But thank you I dont need it.

  • ould ali abdemadjid

    what risen you blocked me

  • ould ali abdemadjid

    i lost my point you are arnaceur


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