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Can I create Mulltipple accounts and/or sell addmefast points/accounts?



  • Bittek

    Good morning , I want you He wanted me zdieli account lockout because I did not use nieczego not permitted and got blockade for nothing

  • maxim

    Good afternoon, unblock please my account, the second ( it was created incidentally as there were some malfunctions with a set of points (they didn't come) plz

  • Ybello2817

    I have been unable to log in to my account after several verification since a year now and I haven't gone against any rule, terms or condition.. kindly help me review and get me back my account

  • TMD Luu

    why I can not access my account after human identity?

  • Ayesha Saleem

    Please subscribe my channel 

  • JGunn

    nothing on this site is legit they block perfectly normal website and let shady ones in ive seen it.... im glad i chose to not given these scammers my money....


  • Elivan Sousa
    Faced with a need for the moment, I made a mistake in creating two accounts, I ask you to understand, it was an unthinkable act of urgency. This error will not occur again. I need to unlock my account.
    Thank you for your attention.
  • Alexampleev



    Feb 20, 11:22

    Good day, why I blocked the account for the fact that using different accounts? I live in hochtele, and many use kompyuter.Kak remove the ban from my Account?

  • Atsinke samson

    Am a new member here please am trying to do the registration but they saying that re-passward is incorrect i don't no why please.

  • amama
    Hello Addfast Team, 
    I say in advance that I can not write in English , because I come from Polish . Recently, my account has been blocked , the reason is probably the Multi account , this is true of my ip are registered two accounts , but one of them belongs to my brother. We would ask for unbans these accounts . and if you can not unlock 2 accounts , only one Thank you and best regards.
  • Mariczss1018

    Good evening Admin,

    I'm very sorry if i violated your rules i didn't know because i did not read the rules and regulation. Admin please unbanned my account I don't care the other one, only this account. please admin. I will not do it again. please..

  • Valenia Tanthiani

    My account have been banned, idk why? i had no reason for ban, pls reset problem with my account. Thanks. Please answer me. My account (

  • Ritika jain

    I am not getting any confirmation email during registration process. I have tried thrice. Why am i not getting any confirmation email ? I am typed right email address still it is not giving me any confirmation email. Plz help.

  • Roni Poisanov

    Hey Hsmtm me for no reason.
    The only reason I can not register my profile will follow and it seems to me that I have a problem Facebook account. And you have to take care of it.
    Please return it to me I'm not a bot i'm human!

  • eve konga

    I want to report someone who is selling followers on Addmefast. 
    He contacted with me at facebook, told me he is working in marketing and could sell me real followers as packs. I trusted him and buyed for 50€ 20k followers (he didnt gave to me.)

    Then after awhile, he told me he will tell me HOW he is doing this, if I pay 10€ for it. So I did. 
    He sent me the Addmefast Link and told me to create an account there, as it was a recommendation link. 

    Now the thing is, he is a scammer, he asks for an amount of money and will only provide less than a 10% of the followers he said he will, as he will get free points on addmefast and link it to my account. 

    Researching a bit here I noticed it is against the rules to do this (selling add me fast followers). I would like to provide his name, as he scammed me, to report him and stop his scams. I had no idea before he told me that he was using this site. 

    I have all the screenshots to show this is true, also got his name and his bank number. If it helps. He is using my instagram link at this profile here. btw  he got multiple accounts. 

  • Muhammad Nor Ikhwani

    My account has been banned, the reason probably is multiple account, this is true of my ip registered two accounts, but one of them belongs to my brother. please remove banned in my account

  • Mohammedmoeez1

    @Atsinke samson.

    Same issue. Almost one month dealing with it. At the end i got a reply that i was spamming even i provided screenshots that i don't have an account, but they didn't resolve my issue. And it's not gonna work now, they not gonna unblock you.. Their terms their conditions their website and all they wanna do is to use their own accounts on their own website, sorry to say..

  • Alexey

    My Account banned , i realized for the "You must not create multiple accounts".I have a home router is wi-fi and my sister uses it and got second account.

    Write to me please that  would solve the problem.


    Hi Addmefast Team,

    I can't find anyone email or contact point to reach out to you, I can't open my addmefast account, that's no contents at all. it's all white pages. nothing at all. thank you

    Please do check my account. i am here to waiting for your reply. 




  • Suzev A

    My account have been banned, idk why? i had no reason for ban, pls reset problem with my account. Thanks! pls answer me -


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