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Can I re-activate my addmefast account which was blocked for violation of AddMeFast Terms?



  • Carensia

     please unblock my link. thank you so much

  • Mehmet Genç

    Please open my account, I did not violate the terms, there was a mistake, I'm a novice.I'm collecting subscribers,  very very  thank you.

  • Artur

    please unblock my link. thank you so much

  • Sohrab Naz2008
    How much time, addmefast takes for unblocking account of add me fast????
  • Rafarockero1

    OMFG Are you guys Serious excuse my language i'm just so overwhelmed why would you banned me " I DID NOT "  commit any  violation to  the terms.... i just freaking watched youtube videos to earn points for 2 link i have there facebook and instagram wheres the violation ah! ? Do i post porn ? "of course no" strong language "definitely " not,,, bots?   Obviously freaking no !!!! unban me .....

    request more information for whats next !!! " investigate more Next time " i didnt do nothing wrong omg.
  • Savadas1998

    Blocked and honest work and did not even want to figure it out ?! Why ???

    There is someone who can understand on this project that they make mistakes and block innocent users !!!

  • Basem Abdallah

    Dear Sir , I am sure I did not violate the instructions, and I work very actively and with great effort. I worked more than 8 hours on this day, and this is my first day, and we are working together for profit. There had to be an alert at least to help the subscribers on your site Please help in operating my account and thank you very much

  • Micmouse183

    plz re-activate my accnt

  • Razvan Chirac

    My account has been banned.
    My email address is:
    I no longer have the old email on my old account,
    and I don't even know the password, so I decided to create another account.
    There is no abuse, no fake account,
    it is a normal account that I want to use because I can no longer access the old account.
    Please cancel my ban on this account. Thank you.

  • Scott Adkinsfans10

    fuck u

    u have baned my account without any reason

    and u didnt pay attention to my request 

  • joseluis

    Please unlock my account. and the instagram is

  • Rakib

    Hello Dear Addmefast Team. I need you to release my AddMeFast Accoaunt. I will not violate the terms of AddMeFast more. Please unblock my addmefast account.
    My account
    Thank you addmefast team

  • SusanHorne


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  • Lenghiem1511

    I have read the terms and commit not to offend. Please re-activate my account, it's a mistake.

  • Quierookane

    Buenas tardes, quisiera saber el por que me banearon la cuenta, ayer me inscribí y comencé a usar su aplicación, esperando generar el mayor nro posible de puntos el dia de ayer genere mas de 5000 puntos (cerca de 4 horas haciendo clics) dando me gusta, siguiendo y suscribiéndome a varios redes. hasta genere una cuenta en tik tok. no use bots y no creo haber cometido ninguna falta, quería usos puntos para la cuenta de mi hijastra. Esperando su pronta respuesta y me expliquen el porque de sus acciones. 


  • dinamena12017

    please reactive my account (

  • mahshid

    please unblock my account (

  • Hamzaliwww

    please open my account because its matter of my family I dont have legs and working for earning

  • Toplider77

    The second time I am writing to you, my first message remained unanswered. My account was locked, I did not do any illegal activities, watch videos and saving up Points for the promotion of my website. How was it possible to get banned? For what? I hope that you will correct this error, please unlock my account.

  • Marko Selmic

    do you can unblock my account on instagram

    my account is _selma_998

    please unblock that account.

  • Bear80143



  • Ivan

    plz re-activate my account

  • thaisfalves1209

    Thank you for reactivating my account, I have not violated any terms of the term of service.

  • Abieummie3036
    • If we disable your account, you must not create another o
      • If we disable your account, you must not create another one.
      • but i still want use same account
      • i dont know cannot use same url...
      • i feel so sory
      • please active my account back 
      • i never use same account
      • i will use this email only
  • Geminis Lgs

    a mi tambien me han cancelado por la puras quisiera que me desbloqueen por favor

  • Timuruser

    please reactive my account

  • caio alves

    the support staff does not read the review does not respond

  • Tomito Tomito Seni Yiyor O
    addmefast me if you disable your account , you must open a new hydroelectric ban when he threw open Yens account to leave a comment but I do not know how the external circuit , and this brings me troubles as YouTube channel URL
  • I made wira suryawan
    Hi, I just got blocked from addmefast because opening a few tabs at the same time, and I didn't know that was against the rule. Please unblock me and I promise I won't do that again because I know the rules now.
    My email address is
    Thank you so much
  • Isnan4all

    will my account be reactivated?
    my account


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