I have made a payment on addmefast, why haven't received my bought points yet?




  • Jonathanoviedoc1


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  • Windswiftsong

    me too.. paid for 5000 but only had one answer.... its very strange! I had paid through paypal and they have the money.... It makes you suspicious about buying anything again if you do not get what you paid for!

  • Mg Moy2011

    I have purchased 30,000 points over four days now and still haven't received them. I submitted a ticket and until now no respond. Really really bad service

  • kirana


  • Dim

    Привет, я заплатил за 30.000 ПУНКТОВ НА Playerize супер награды.   У меня нет моей точки

  • Dim


  • CandacePrettiGirl27
    I just purchased points and have not received them. This is absolutely horrible and I will be disputing the amount with my bank if I don't receive my PURCHASED points
  • djdamz

    hi i have paid for 12 000 points with paypal & i don't have my credit on my account : spaxefrance@gmail.com



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  • Rbuass

    I pay and I dont received my points.

    Can you credit me please?



  • gulispc

    Personal Ae I received this here email a while back, so I already adding that is old thing and the text is huge, if not do not want to read and wait a summary or comments personnel. Not much fun but to posting because someone might like and how the pub is kinda stopped it, here's the text:

    My name is Afonso Soares de Melo, and decided to tell something that happened to me: I was sitting in my office when I remembered a phone call I had to do. I found the number and dialed. He attended me a grumpy guy saying:
    - Contact !!!
    - Good day. I could talk to Andrea? The guy across mumbled something I did not understand and hung up on me. I could not believe there was someone as thick. After that, I looked at my schedule the correct number and called Andrea. The problem was that I had reversed the last two digits of your number. After speaking with Andrea, I noticed the wrong number still noted on my desk. I decided to call again. When the same person answered, I said,
    - You are a Son of a bitch !!! I hung up and immediately wrote down next to the number the expression "Son of a bitch" and left the paper on my agenda. So when I was nervous with someone, or a bad time of the day care will put him, and when answered, telling him "You're a Son of a bitch" and hung up without waiting for an answer. This made me feel really better. It happens that Telepar introduced the new service "bina" caller ID, which left me worried and sad because it would have to stop calling the "Son of a bitch." So I had an idea: I dialed his phone number, I heard his voice saying "Hello" and changed my identity:
    - Good afternoon, I'm calling the sales area Telepar to know if you know our caller ID service "bina".
    - I'm not interested! - He said, and hung up on me. The guy was really rude. Quickly I dialed again:
    - Hello?
    - That's why you are a Son of a bitch !!! and I hung up. Here it is even a suggestion: if there is something that is really bothering you, you can always do something to feel better: simply dial the number of any other son of a bitch you know, and tell him what he really is. It turns out I went to the mall, in the city center, buy some shirts. A lady was taking too long to get the car out of a parking space. I even thought that would never leave. Finally her car began to move slowly and out of your space. Given the circumstances, I decided to back my car a bit to give you all the space that was needed, "Great!" I thought, "finally goes away." Immediately appeared a black Vectra from across the parking lot and entered the front in the wave lady I was expecting. I started playing the horn and shouting:

    - Hey, friend. You can not do that! I was here first! - The Vectra guy just got out, closed the door, activated the alarm and walked in the mall direction, ignoring the
    my presence, as if he were not listening. Before his attitude, I thought, "This guy is a big son of a bitch Certainly have a lot of Sons of bitches in this world!". That's when I realized that the guy had a warning "FOR SALE" on the glass Vectra. So,
    I wrote down his phone number and looked for another place to park. After a few days, I was sitting in my office and just hang up the phone after having dialed the number of my old friend and say "You're a Son of a bitch" (now it's very easy because I dial your number in memory phone) when I saw the number he had written down the face of Vectra
    Black and thought, "I should call this guy, too." And that's what I did. After a couple of rings someone answered:
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    - Talk to the man who is selling a black Vectra?
    - Yes, he is.
    - Could you tell me where I can see the car?

    - Yes, I live at Rua XV, No. 527. It's a yellow house and the Vectra is parked in front.
    - What's your name?

    - My name is Eduardo Cerqueira Marques - says the guy.
    - What time is most appropriate to meet with you, Eduardo?
    - You can find me at home at night and on weekends.
    - The thing is Eduardo, I can tell you something?
    - Yes.
    - Edward, you are a big son of a bitch !!! - And I hung up. After hanging up, I put the Eduardo phone number (which seemed to have "bina", because I was not bothered after I talked to him) in memory of my phone. Now I had a problem: they were two "Sons of bitches" to connect. After a few calls to the pair of "Sons of bitches" and off them, the thing was not so much fun as before. This problem seemed very serious and thought of
    a solution: first, called the "Son of a bitch 1". The guy, bad-mannered as always, answered:
    - Hello - and then I said:
    - You are a Son of a bitch - but this time not hung up. The "Son of a bitch 1" says:

    - Are you still there, you bastard?

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    - Stop calling me, you bastard - he said, irritated.

    - I keep Nooo, Son of ******* dear !!!
    - What is your name, lazarento? - He yelled, uncontrolled! I, with serious voice who is also angry, replied:
    - My name is Eduardo Cerqueira Marques, his Son of a bitch. Why ???
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    - You think I'm afraid of a Son of a bitch? I live in Rua XV, No. 527, in a yellow house and my black Vectra is parked in front of his son clown of a bitch. And now, going to do what ???? - I shouted.
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    - Hello - he says.

    - Hello, big son of a bitch !!! - I said.
    - Man, if I find you'll ...
    - Will what? What will you do ??? Son of a bitch!
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    Moral of the story? - You have no moral! It was even slutty ... And see if answers the phone politely as I can be me calling you by mistake ...


    I paid and I dont receive my points. what happen
    Can you credit me please?

  • Ciro Cacace

    hi i have paid for 12 000 points with paypal & i don't have my credit on my account : cirocacace@gmail.com

  • hello

    hi i have paid for 12 000 points with paypal & i don't have my credit on my account : poetiqlover@hotmail.com

    I really need today!!!
    Thank you. 
    I send proof here :

    Request #120774

  • hello

    Best Service!

    Thank you8

  • cushberry
    Please update me... I still haven't received my points
  • TomTom

    I saw the 30% bonus promotion so I decided to go big. I made a payment using Skrill and still haven't receive my 150,000 Points plus 30% bonus points yet too. The payment was made on 12/30/15 and now it's 1/4/16. I sent an email to customer service and still haven't receive any answer yet. Hope this will be resolved soon. Thanks.

  • Nasrullah

    I have paid for 12000 points... haven't received it yet... my id is hairtyson@gmail.com and paid from rankerzseo@gmail.com via paypal

  • Florenceapartment3

    I paid for 20k points but never received them... florenceapartment3@gmail.com
    Can you please let me know when they will be loaded? and/or what is the problem with loading them?
    Thank you!

  • Florenceapartment3

    I really need the credits.

    Please check  my request (#124949) where  you will see proof of payment etc.



  • Arkaa

    What's going on??

    I payed 100 bucks 2 months ago! to have a lot of likes and shares to my christmas articles....

    http://support.addmefast.com/entries/89522218-Why-I-was-blocked-after-payment-done- this is what I have in my account. That thread is closed for comments

    I;ve sent you in support several tickets with proof that I sent money from my own authorized account in PayPal to my authorized account here with the same email and the same data

    but NO ANSWER FOR 2 MONTHS........... I want simply the answer and activation of the account or my money back


    100 dollars is a big sum 

    I'm urgently waiting for your comment!!!!

  • Stanislav


    I have paid 300 czk but have no points. Please check my request ASAP. My email address is in this profile.

    Best regards

  • yogesh parmar

    I Paid for Points $200 still have not recieved my points 

    SRpoints order number: 300719430

  • liu

    hi i have paid for 12 000 points(USD 50) with paypal 
    but i don't have my credit on my AddMeFast.com account (my account name as the image attached)
    the Paypal trade ID : 2LD604244G6659115

  • Manuel

    I changed my password. When I tried to login, my password was not accepted. Then I tried to reset my password. However, this did not work. Password reset code not arriving my email. I'm waiting for a reset code mail from you.  Please help me.

  • Yehya Mohammad

    I bought a $ 100 dollar did not never getting points
    I want to know from you the reason for the delay

  • Mark McKnight

    I have just bought some credits to promote my new website: http://petvacuumguy.com/, but they have not been added yet. My Paypal payment has already been taken. How long does it take?

  • baronlen

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  • Joseph Shafik

    Hello I paid for 5000 but only had one answer.... its very strange! I had paid through credit card and they have the money.... It makes you suspicious about buying anything again if you do not get what you paid for!

  • Florence Pacheco

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  • pierre

    Salut, j'ai commandé 10 € (1500 points)

    Je n'ai toujours rien reçu !!! :(

    capture d'écran:  https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/52/1/1514162246-capture.png

    Capture d'écran 2:  https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/52/1/1514162332-1111.png



    Hi, I ordered 10 € (1500 points) I still have not received anything !!! :(


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