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Why my subscription status still pending on addmefast? I want to buy unlimited points!



  • Hoang

    Hi addmefast!

    I am also concerned about this problem. I am old user , but unfortunately, I forgot my account, so I registered another account. However, I want to buy subscription pack. I need to buy how point to order subscription pack

  • shehadah jumah

    If you want to get unlimited points regularly, this option is for You!
    That's what i want ,, why i'm losing my time
    Can you please help in that ..??

  • Raoof Mir

    I'm so sorry but your 3rd rule is so stupid:
    3. You need to buy some points several times


    I just saved $199 for the basic unlimited points package and now I will use it for ordering some pizzas. Thank you for wasting my time =)

  • Manuel

    I changed my password. When I tried to login, my password was not accepted. Then I tried to reset my password. However, this did not work. Password reset code not arriving my email. I'm waiting for a reset code mail from you.  Please help me.

  • Instapromo


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  • Fise

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  • Feem

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  • albertnascimento

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  • davidfrank

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  • meowmoew

    I am happy, if you help me, because the site you created can help others, I have deleted it, then I added an account, can't, please fix it

  • John


    Here my question : I am going to buy a pack unlimited point $199 per week and I just have 3 Simultaneous Active Links Count. So, I wonder that i can change the link any time ? or its fixed.



    Please subscribe

  • @123RETetre


  • Mdshuvokhan1916


    I am your simple user. Recently my account was banned. Please unbend my account. 

    Thank you 


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