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Why can't add Youtube channel for subscription or got blocked by admin?



  • sendi herlambang

    I have entered the address of my YouTube channel, and the message YouTube services do not show the exact number of subscribers for accounts with more than 1000 followers. Until they resolve the issue, you can't add YouTube accounts with more than 1000 subscribers. even though the subscriber on my youtube channel is only 18.

  • kapasigma36

    I get this account have only 58 subscribers...


  • ramiroduke


    i get this error to.... work please!


  • Reymond Huyoa

    It has been 2 months. Please work on it. What happen to the support team. God bless

  • ashly may hasim

    please fix this is issue guys,,,

    this is very improtant  to those new youtube vloger .. 

    hopping for positive result 

    thank u


  • Laipineda0412

    How can I add my youtube channel at Addmefast account? Newbie here, any one could help please?

  • Laipineda0412

    I can't add my youtube channel with less than 1k subscribers as per requirement. Anyone here knows how? Please help. Thanks.

  • Sturzacosmin

    I want an refund ! Support doesn't answer to my ticket :) "awesome service" . 

  • Bryan Perez

    Hi admin.. please help me add my sites... I always return to the home page when i try to click my add sites.. please please

  • Brandon Whitten

    i have 17 tho

  • rasa di perantauan

    I have the same Problem !!!!! 

    anyone hier who is looking for the subscribers?

    lets' help each other.

    I'll subscribe to your account


  • bogartzinger

    were are my subscribers?!..45 clicks but only 4 were added in my channel??last night it has an exact new subscribers coming from the site but then this morning, they were all gone?? like WTF?!.after they subscribed they unsubcsribed?.we did not signed up for that shit!.every unsubscription must be refunded in our account!

  • Emiliano Gonzales

    Hi Admin,

    I have 5 subscribers in my Youtube Channel, why still not allowed?


    Please answer

  • Setiyo WIbowo

    why my account got banned?

    I do not use bots. :(

  • Mariczss1018

    Good evening Admin,

    I'm very sorry if i violated your rules i didn't know because i did not read the rules and regulation. Admin please unbanned my account I don't care the other one, only this account. please admin. I will not do it again. please..

  • Irtikaa3109

    hi i have only 70 subscrip not 1000 so fix it please i need it 

  • Gbasas21

    I have only 35 subscriber not 1000 please fix this problem ADMIN i really need to grow up my channel

    Thank you

  • Macaivano

    Correct the site please, our channel has less than 1,000 subscribers and the site does not let you register.

  • Macaivano

    Olá pessoal,
    Coloquem somente o ID do canal para registro.
    Você encontra seu ID aqui:

    Hello people, Just put the channel ID to register. You can find your ID here:


  • lahiru hettipathirana

    when are you guys attending this matter , i got this error massage since i signup your account.  guys plz fixed this issue plz.

  • John

    Not getting any email confirmation  during registration process.

    Tried already 3 times............

    Anybody lives here?

  • Macaivano

    Perda de tempo essas pessoas. Todos os inscritos que você acessa aqui no youtube são excluídos do seu canal. Não há um. é um esforço sem sentido.

  • tarif sami alsarraj

    the addmefast website dont let me to put my chaneel 

    i have a 281 subscriber only 

    i want to solve this problem please

  • Emiliano Gonzales

    Guys, Subscribe my Youtube Channel, then comment down so i Subscribe your channel too

    This is my link

  • Panduwijhaya1804 cubscreb

  • Barbara Lepski

    Hi guys 

    I figured out how to put the youtube channel for subscriptions

    in Title you put name of channel with the word channel at the end, EXAMPLE: Mundo Oculto Babi channel

    and in Username/ID you put ID channel (

    it worked for me minutes ago !!  I was trying to put it for days and I couldn't, I decided to put the solution here, hope help you guys, good lucky :)


  • Panduwijhaya1804 tambah subs 1000 auto subs balik

  • Cherryl

    Please fix the issue so that we can add youtube subscription I only have 300 subscribers I want it to grow.
    You can subscribe my channel guys & I subscribe you back. Thanks

  • Wesley

    There is a problem with my account! arrumem isso aí

  • seth daniel

    I am also experienced the same. Any updates please? my youtube channel is "DMASTER SMITH"


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